Species from Faeces

Using the latest DNA-based techniques, you can identify both the host and its prey by analysing the DNA that is present in faeces.

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Your analysis options are:

Species ID


Diet Assessment
Soils & Sediments - Species ID

Species ID

You can choose a targeted Species ID test to identify specific species from its faeces.

We can successfully perform this analysis for bats– for example to ID the Bechstein’s bat or the Brown long-eared bat.

The methods we use to identify species from faeces are qPCR or Sanger Sequencing. These analyses yield highly accurate results in describing the DNA of specific target species from faecal samples.

Soils & Sediments - Diet Assessment

Diet Assessment

You can determine the dietary composition of mammals and birds by conducting a Diet Assessment.

The DNA analysis of faecal matter provides a higher resolution identification of prey species, regardless of the species life-stage, size or body type.

We use metabarcoding to detect diverse taxonomic groups present in samples- this method of analyses is impressively effective when the dietary compositions are of a different taxonomic group than that which is eating.

You can gain insight into the diets of:

  • Piscivorous otters and the fish species that make up their prey.

  • Insectivorous bats and the insects and invertebrate species that make up their diet.

  • Birds and the species of fish that make up their prey.

Not sure what service suits your project?

For more complex projects you can perform multiple tests on each individual sample, enabling you to build a monitoring programme that suits your exact needs.

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NatureMetrics: The Science in Action

Collaborating with Chris Damant at Bernwood ECS Ltd, NatureMetrics performed DNA Metabarcoding to reveal the relative contribution of woodland and non-woodland prey species to the diet of the Bechstein’s bats in Bernwood Forest, South Oxfordshire.

This project holds great significance. Not only is it the first time DNA Metabarcoding has been combined with the Pantheon database to infer habitat characteristics, but it can also offer prominent insight into the impact of habitat loss due and the effect of such on Bechstein’s bat populations.

“The advantage of using molecular analyses over microscope-based analyses lies in higher detection probabilities for prey items that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to identify, for example soft bodied species such as the earthworm encountered here. Moreover, these analyses provide reliable species-level identifications for the majority of species, which would be virtually impossible using conventional morphological approaches.”

Environmental DNA

Animals leave traces of DNA in water. This ‘environmental DNA’ can be captured by filtering the water with our custom-designed eDNA sampling kits. The filter is then sent to our laboratory for analysis according to the services you select.

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