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Supply Chains

DNA-based biodiversity assessment to help companies meet their commitment to nature positive supply chains.

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Scalable, affordable biodiversity monitoring ensuring factories, suppliers and sourcing landscapes are nature positive

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Informs strategic decision-making and minimises risks

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Provides evidence for regulators, NGO’s, investors, customers and consumers

We assist companies in achieving their corporate social responsibility goals, meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring that their supply chain is nature positive, by providing cutting edge environmental monitoring tools that can be used across the globe.

Our environmental DNA (eDNA) approach helps managers make informed decisions to achieve biodiversity goals whilst reducing negative impacts, costs and the safety risks commonly associated with conventional biodiversity monitoring survey methods.

Our simple-to-use sampling kits can be used by staff or contractors on the ground to assess biodiversity and monitor for protected and invasive species.

If engaging local communities is a priority, you can use our citizen science capability to really involve them on the journey.

Our eDNA approach has the capability to:

  • Track and inform nature positive commitments
  • Monitor key suppliers against KPIs
  • Provide evidence of compliance with due diligence legislation
  • Demonstrate alignment with IFC Performance Standard 6
  • Inform science-based targets for nature
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Include DNA-based biodiversity monitoring in your ecological survey design with NatureMetrics

Invertebrate surveys at Winwick Wind Farm

Invertebrate Surveys at Winwick Wind Farm

Wild Frontier Ecology (WFE) wanted to conduct invertebrate surveys at a new wind farm in Northamptonshire to inform the Habitat Improvement Plan for the site. NatureMetrics conducted DNA metabarcoding analyses to identify the diverse species present in samples collected by WFE.

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