Dr Kat Bruce

Co-founder & Managing Director

Kat has led the development of NatureMetrics from conception to the present day. Originally a tropical ecologist, she holds a BSc in Wildlife Biology and a PhD in the use of DNA metabarcoding for informing environmental management. Kat leads a working group on field and lab methods in the EU COST Action project DNAqua-net and is leading the drafting of a European standard for water sampling for eDNA analysis.

Dr Cuong Q. Tang (CT)

Lead Scientist

CT is a molecular taxonomist with extensive experience of high throughput DNA barcoding, metabarcoding and mitochondrial metagenomics. His DEFRA-funded postdoctoral research fellowship focused on the development of a protocol for DNA-based assessment of UK pollinator diversity, and he joined the team in August 2016. CT leads the development of our protocols and oversees the operation of the laboratories and delivery of our commercial services.

Dr Alexandra Crampton-Platt

Lead Bioinformatician

Alex has a PhD in metagenomics and has pioneered some of the most cutting-edge methods for bulk genome assembly and PCR-free DNA taxonomy. Alex joined NatureMetrics in August 2016 and is responsible for building and maintaining our bioinformatics pipelines.

Dr Juliet Jones

Operations Director

Juliet is a molecular biologist with a wealth of experience working in research and biotechnology laboratories. She holds a PhD from the Institute of Cancer Research. Juliet joined the NatureMetrics team in 2018 and leads our operations team.

Scott Townend

Laboratory Manager

Scott joined the team in April 2016 as a molecular lab technician and has since taken on the role of Laboratory Manager. Having previously worked in a high toxicity laboratory handling radioactive and highly toxic materials, Scott is used to working to a high standard of accuracy while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Dr Shorok Mombrikotb

Research Scientist

Shorok is a soil microbial ecologist with experience in large-scale high throughput soil microbial community profiling. Her NERC-funded postdoctoral research focused on understanding microbial movement in soils across habitat boundaries. Shorok joined the team in May 2019 as a research scientist and is responsible for developing protocols and sampling procedures.

Dr Narin Kirikyali

Senior laboratory technician

Narin joined the team in March 2018 and has extensive experience in molecular biology and microbiology. She has previously worked on molecular diagnostics tools which selectively detects plant and human pathogens. She is responsible for routine processing of clients' samples in the laboratory.

Mosufa Ajmal

Senior laboratory technician

Mosufa graduated from UCL with an MSc in 2017 and joined NatureMetrics in March 2018, initially as a temporary Molecular Laboratory technician for Great Crested Newt season. Proving an invaluable member of the team, Mosufa stayed and is now responsible for completing DNA extractions, amplifications and quality controls across the various services that we offer.

Saima Akhtar

Finance Manager

Saima is a trained accountant who joined the NatureMetrics team in September 2018 to oversee the day-to-day finances of the business as well as our financial planning and reporting. She holds a BSc in Accounting and Financial Management.

Joe Goodall

Operations Coordinator

Joe first joined the NatureMetrics team in April 2018 as a temporary assistant during newt season. Having made the role his own, he returned from a spot of globetrotting to rejoin the team permanently in October 2018. Joe is responsible for many vital tasks that keep the business running smoothly.

Sarah Chordekar

Junior Bioinformatician

Sarah holds a Masters in Biosciences from the University of Bath and is currently writing up her PhD in plant genetics. She joined NatureMetrics in March 2019 and her experience in molecular biology, microscopy and bioinformatics has made her a valuable member of our bioinformatics team. Sarah runs the bioinformatics pipelines alongside Alex and is also involved in processing client samples during busy periods.

Science Advisory Team

Prof. Douglas Yu

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Doug is a Professor of Ecology at the University of East Anglia. He has a background in field ecology, giving him a profound understanding of (1) sampling and experimental design, (2) the physical and logistical challenges of conducting fieldwork and handling samples in remote locations, and (3) ecological statistics. Doug has been one of the pioneers of metabarcoding and has led the field in applying this technology to real environmental management challenges.

Prof. Alfried Vogler

Co-founder & Scientific Advisor

Alfried is a Professor of Molecular Systematics at Imperial College London, and has led methods development in this field for the last 20 years. Alfried’s expertise covers laboratory protocol development, metagenomics and bioinformatics. His lab recently pioneered a method to mass-produce mitogenome assemblies from shotgun-sequenced bulk samples, which can be used for quantitative biodiversity assessments.

Non-executive Directors

Simon Acland


Simon is an experienced Venture Capital investor with a keen interest in nature conservation as a Trustee of Plantlife and a member of many other environmental organisations. He is currently director of London’s Green Angel Syndicate and has held non-executive directorships in 40 companies over the last 30 years.

Bob Ellis

Non-executive director

Bob is an experienced investor and director of businesses at all stages.

Katie Critchlow

Board member

Katie studied Biology at Oxford University and then spent 15 years in green corporate strategy and sustainable development. At M&S she lead a team developing sustainable supply chains and products including wood, palm oil, cotton and fish across the world. Katie later moved on to WWF Indonesia to lead private sector engagement for the Heart of Borneo. In 2011 Katie returned to the UK to study an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at LSE. 


Professor David Hill

Environmental Bank

David is Chairman and owner/founder of The Environment Bank Ltd (EBL), Deputy Chair of Natural England, the governments statutory advisers on the natural heritage, and previously a member of the Board of the UK government’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee. He is also a member of the government’s Ecosystem Markets Taskforce and Chair of the Northern Upland Chain Local Nature Partnership covering the vast upland areas of the Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Parks and Nidderdale and North Pennines Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Dr Peter Gilchrist

Jacobs UK Ltd

Peter is a Director of Operations and leads the Biodiversity and Water Environment business for the Sustainable Solutions Business Unit at Jacobs UK.

Nitin Sukh
Planet Tracker

Nitin is a leader in the field of environmental finance and natural capital, in addition to possessing a wealth of experience in business strategy.