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Scott Townend - Nature Metrics

Scott manages the day-to-day stock and equipment needs at NatureMetrics, ensuring our labs are well maintained and the science teams are supported. Scott joined NatureMetrics in Spring 2016 as a Molecular Lab Technician and his commitment to high-accuracy, safe and standardised operations saw him promoted to Laboratory Manager in 2018.


Scott holds a BSc in Zoology from Bangor University.

Significant Collaborations

Before joining NatureMetrics, Scott worked in the Toxicology Department at the University of Hertfordshire, where he was a Lab Technician handling radioactive and highly toxic materials. During his BSc, Scott carried out a lab placement where he used PCR-based methods for snake research. Scott brings technical lab-based skills to the NatureMetrics team, and continues to help us scale our science operations alongside our global growth.


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