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Dr Sam Lacey - Business Development Director at NatureMetrics

Sam oversees NatureMetrics’ work in Finance, Conservation, Nature Based Solutions, Carbon, and other areas. She is also active in the agribusiness and forestry industries.

She and her team work with a diverse group of private, civil society, and public actors to better understand their impacts on biodiversity through the use of eDNA.

Sam assists organisations in determining how eDNA can be used to demonstrate their environmental impact in a cost-effective manner.


Sam studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, specialising in Genetics. She completed her PhD in microbial genetics and soil bioremediation at Imperial College London.

Significant Collaborations

Sam is a highly experienced sustainability and responsible investment leader with 16 years’ experience influencing change and building ESG management systems in a wide range of businesses and investors, with a focus on forestry, agriculture and emerging markets.

She spent 10 years at CDC Group where she led their ESG engagement with funds and represented them in sustainable land use forums. She also sat on the ESG Board Committees of a number of Agriculture and Forestry sector investments.

She is a seasoned advisor who has actively contributed to global initiatives in sustainable agriculture, land, labour rights and impact metrics.

She was an Executive Board Member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil from 2006 to 2008, representing investors while working for The Co-operative Asset Management.


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