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Nathan Geraldi - Lead Developer for Ocean Solutions - NatureMetrics

Lead research and development of projects in the marine environment and assist clients who have special requests. Nathan will also initiate projects that enhance nature-based solutions. These projects will include using eDNA to gauge restoration efforts and improve assessments of carbon sequestration.

Academic background
  • BS in Marine Biology, University of Maryland, USA
  • BS in Psychology, University of Maryland, USA
  • MS in Marine Science, University of Southern Alabama, USA
  • PhD in Marine Sciences, University of North Carolina, USA
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at Queens University Belfast, KAUST, and Aarhus University
  • Research Scientist at KAUST
Significant Collaborations

Nathan has studied many different marine systems in three different continents and have a wide net of collaborators (>100) within universities, governmental agencies, and non-profit companies. For the past five years, he specialized in using  environmental DNA (eDNA) to assess past and present ecological communities. This has included all steps from eDNA extraction to dissemination of findings, including running sequencing platforms and creating custom reference databases. International projects include describing communities in the open and deep ocean, deep sea trenches, Arctic and Arabian sediment cores, and sources of organic carbon in blue carbon habitats.


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