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Mourad A - Nature Metrics

Mourad is responsible for developing the international logistics strategy for NatureMetrics and ensures that all goods reach their destination efficiently and compliantly.


Mourad is a Chief Accountant and holds a BA in Accounting from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Algiers, Algeria.

Significant collaborations

Mourad has over 20 years’ experience in logistics, with his experience extending from courier service to Airfreight, Specialist logistics and temperature-controlled logistics, including 3PL / 4PL / 5PL. Mourad has particular training and certification in: Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Customs export procedure, packaging training certification, Dangerous goods training certification, damage training certification, Temperature controlled transport certification, Goods distribution practice certification and Aviation’s security certification. Mourad’s training and certifications, coupled with his years of experience, give him a varied expertise that is a strong asset to the international operations of NatureMetrics.


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