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Mosufa Ajmal - Nature Metrics

Mosufa initially joined NatureMetrics in March 2018 as a temporary Molecular Laboratory Technician during the Great Crested Newt (GCN) surveying season. Proving an invaluable member of the NatureMetrics team, Mosufa accepted a permanent role with us and is now responsible for client project delivery, which involves, performing DNA extractions, DNA amplifications and quality controls across our various services. Mosufa is also involved in training new staff in molecular techniques to NatureMetrics’ standards and the development and testing of new assays. She has just finished developing and optimizing a new test for detecting macroinvertebrates, which will help with conservation efforts and monitoring of water bodies. Alongside the data team, Mosufa plays a role in client reporting.


University College London, Master of Science in Prenatal Genetics and Foetal Medicine

Significant Collaborations

Mosufa completed collaborative work with NatureMetrics on a research project, to detect Anisus vorticulus which included in silico primer validation, assay development and chromatogram analysis.


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