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Molly Czachur - Nature Metrics

Molly oversees the science communications of our DNA-based services, both internally and externally, and works across teams to connect our science with the people who can use it.


Molly is currently completing her PhD on eDNA-based biomonitoring of Southern African fishes at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and holds a first class MSci degree in Marine Biology with International Experience from Bangor University.

Significant collaborations

Molly has been establishing eDNA capacity for coastal fish biomonitoring in South Africa for her PhD research, collaborating with Bangor University in the UK to transfer knowledge between regions. She was involved in the establishment of eDNA labs at Stellenbosch University and generated initial baseline data, networking across the region and initiating the “African eDNA Network” originating from a Southern African workshop that she co-hosted. Having trained as a marine biologist, Molly has lived and worked internationally in Europe and Africa on projects from mangrove ecology (via Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute) and carbon trading (Mikoko Pamoja, Kenya) to animal physiology (AWI, Germany), developmental biology (University of Manchester, UK) and aquaculture (Bangor University, UK). She has coupled her academic experiences with certifications in Science Communication, recently winning her a “Young Science Communicator” award and recognition from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles for her contributions to eDNA-based science communication. She has subsequently lectured university students and staff in SciComm whilst offering freelance science communication services via her company ‘ZoologyMolly’. More recently, she has joined NatureMetrics to realise her passion for communicating eDNA science.


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