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Meri Anderson - Nature Metrics

Meri joined NatureMetrics at the start of 2020. While working on day to day client samples she uses her skills in DNA extractions, PCR processes and sanger sequencing. She also works on R&D projects, doing assay development. She has just finished developing and optimizing a new test for detecting invasive and native mussels, which will help with conservation efforts and monitoring of water bodies.


The University of Exeter, Masters by Research supervised by Dr Lena Wilfert. Title: “Parasite Insight: Apicystis bombi. Prevalence of the under-reported parasite Apicystis bombi across natural barriers and life stages in pollinator hosts.” She developed new specific primers for an under-researched bumblebee pathogen and found the pathogen had jumped hosts to honeybees. She developed her skills in Sanger Sequencing, assay development and processing large volumes of samples. She is now writing up this research to be published in a scientific journal.

Significant Collaborations

Meri joined us after a role where she was researching novel pollinator pathogens and the effects of pesticides on pollinators. She has recently completed collaborative work with NatureMetrics on a minION project which included ~1000 PCRs done to a hard deadline.


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