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Laura Baclcells - Nature Metrics

Laura’s experiences inspired her to work at NatureMetrics, where she specialises in client product delivery and assay development. Laura is interested in how science and art work together in understanding the world, solving problems and engaging society, and is working on bringing some of these collaborations into NatureMetrics.


BSc in Biology and an MSc in Biodiversity from the University of Barcelona. Museum Studies, University of Leicester.

Significant contributions

Laura is an experienced biodiversity scientist whose work has ranged from the lab to collections to the field. Since she was a small girl, talking to the frogs in the countryside (ask her to do an impression!) and saving insects from drowning in the pond, Laura has always loved animals. Her passion for biodiversity conservation developed during her education at the University of Barcelona, from which she gained a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Biodiversity. Laura came to the UK to work at the Natural History Museum, London, initially on an EU funded Leonardo da Vinci grant, and subsequently worked with the world-class scientific collections across all life sciences departments, from insects to plants, and from fish to mammals. Laura’s drive to work on biodiversity conservation took her to the Seychelles, where she volunteered for fieldwork to study populations of endemic species of birds, sea turtles and giant tortoises. Laura was recruited (for maternity cover) to act as Head of Collections at the Powell-Cotton Museum. There she successfully led the collections team and managed projects including two new exhibitions on African fabrics and Angolan material culture, and a fresh ethnographic gallery interpretation. This position gave her excellent experience in managing people, projects and budgets, as well as in taking a museum exhibition from conception to delivery. Driven by her passion, Laura sought out independent collaborations with scientific research groups leading in the study of marine biodiversity using novel molecular techniques. With Ana Riesgo’s lab she worked on marine invertebrates population genetics and with Stefano Mariani´s lab she studied marine biodiversity using eDNA.
When Laura is not working, you can probably find her dancing or most likely enjoying some of her favourite food, like croquetas.


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