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Narin Kirikyali - Nature Metrics

Narin joined the team as a laboratory technician to help with sample processing during Great Crested Newt Season in March 2018. She has since developed to become a senior laboratory technician who now leads Great Crested Newt Season from sample check-in to reporting results to clients. Narin is also our MiSeq coordinator, which involves organising large batches of samples for sequencing and being responsible for laboratory-based processing of client samples.


Narin holds a BSc in microbiology and a PhD in molecular biology. Her PhD thesis focused on cloning and expression of novel β-xylosidase encoding gene sequences from filamentous fungal sources into yeast and bacteria.

Significant Collaborations

Narin brought to NatureMetrics, her experience of molecular diagnostic tools which selectively detect plant and human pathogens. She has extensive experience in research utilising in vitro sensitivity testing of propriety compounds, as potential new-generation fungicides, together with SDHI azoles and the interpretation of mathematical data for evaluating Effective Concentration (EC50) values. Narin was also occupied in the development of molecular diagnostic techniques utilising quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) assays which selectively detects resistant strains of plant pathogens.


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