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Malu  assists with the development and grant application for R&D projects, as well as coordinating the reporting of R&D grants.

Academic background

Malu holds a post-Doc in Ecosystem Services at the Environment and Sustainability Institute (University of Exeter) and PhD in Arctic Biology, from the University of Bergen (Norway), working from the remote High Arctic at the University Centre in Svalbard.

Significant Collaborations

During her PhD, Malu’s work in Arctic invertebrate biodiversity was based at a small research centre in Longyearbyen, in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard (Norway). This prompted her to establish early multiple international collaborations to compensate from the shortcomings of a small research group, facilitated by her work from the international research station in Ny-Ålesund and her participation in the Kinnvika Project for the 2007 International Polar Year.  One of her first collaborations was with the British Antarctic Survey, where she carried out most of her DNA work.

She also worked closely with the Zoology Department at The University of Bergen and with an international network of invertebrate scientists mainly from Northern European countries and Russia. As post-doctoral scientist at the University of Exeter, she further developed her network to include a large suite of scientists working on ecosystem services and carbon capture within the UK, particularly supporting the SECURE project from Newcastle University. Malu’s strong ecological expertise led her onto becoming the Ecology editor at Nature Communications, and further onto developing her own initiatives as a consultant supporting scientists to prepare research for high impact publication and grant applications. She has supported scientists and business for UKRI and European funded projects in subjects ranging from battery architecture to Arctic and Antarctic microbial diversity and agriculture monitoring systems.