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Kat Bruce - Nature Metrics

Kat provides advice and support across the technical and project teams. She leads our interactions with the scientific community and is a thought leader in the industry.


Kat trained as a tropical ecologist, making many research trips to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador and Peru. She gained a PhD in tropical ecology and DNA metabarcoding from the University of East Anglia supervised by Prof. Doug Yu, one of the pioneers of insect metabarcoding and a NatureMetrics scientific advisor. Kat also holds an MRes in Entomology from Imperial College and a BSc in Wildlife Biology from Anglia Ruskin University.

Significant Collaborations

Kat leads a working group on field and lab methods in the EU COST Action Project DNAqua-net. She has led the drafting of the first European standard for aquatic eDNA capture, is a Technical Expert on eDNA for the BSI, and is an advisor to the California Molecular Methods Workgroup. Kat currently sits on the steering group of the UK DNA Working Group and the steering committee of the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum.
After completing her PhD in 2014, Kat set up NatureMetrics to bridge the gap between the powerful molecular tools being developed in the research world and the environmental managers who could benefit from their use. Her particular interest lies in how to bring together the worlds of research, industry and policy to drive forward advances in our capacity to monitor the natural world. Through her work in the EU COST Action project DNAqua-net, she actively works to help establish best practice for the use of DNA monitoring tools for aquatic biomonitoring in Europe and beyond.


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