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Juliet Jones - Nature Metrics

Juliet leads our operations team and all NatureMetrics business operations from day-to-day activities to planning the logistics of our global growth. Juliet ensures our science and services are delivered to a high standard, underpinning the success of our high-quality facilities and workflows.


Postdocs in drug research and viral engineering across a range of academic institutions, PhD in Cancer Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research, BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Surrey.

Significant Collaborations

Juliet has spent 13 years in academic and biotechnology institutions and has worked on a broad range of drug discovery projects. Her background as a molecular biologist gives Juliet a wealth of experience working in research and biotechnology laboratories. Having worked with DNA in lots of different ways, Juliet is now applying that range of skills to DNA-based monitoring with NatureMetrics.


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