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Hayley Craig - Nature Metrics

Hayley leads the research and development of soil and sediment science at NatureMetrics, overseeing client projects and applying our technologies to address specific client challenges. Hayley joined NatureMetrics in July 2020 and is currently leading an innovative, collaborative pilot project, investigating the differences in the soil microbial and fauna communities at agricultural sites across Kent.


Hayley worked at the University of Manchester on her postdoctoral research in greenhouse gas emissions from grassland soils, her PhD in Soil Microbial Ecology and her MSc in Plant Science. Hayley also holds a BSc in Biology from Macquarie University.

Significant Collaborations

Hayley previously worked as an Environmental Consultant in Australia on contaminated land projects for a range of clients including government, railways, developers, and property management companies. She has collaborated with Natural England and National Trust, working on projects to assess the effects of land management practices and development on the surrounding environment. Her PhD research looking at effects of nutrient pollution in mangrove sediments was conducted in Florida in collaboration with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and multiple academic institutes in both the UK and USA. Hayley’s varied experience working on ranging ecosystems puts her in great stead to develop our eDNA from Sediments and Soils services.


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