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Dr. Cuong Q. Tang- Lead Scientist

CT is a molecular taxonomist with extensive experience in high throughput DNA techniques. CT has developed the molecular workflows for NatureMetrics’ key services and has played a role in driving the scientific operations and product innovation within the business.

CT has taken the lead role in commercialising services such as our fish metabarcoding, bat identification, and invasive mussel detection from the perspective of developing and validating the new tests and then implementing a commercially viable protocol. He has also worked to set up and continuously improve our IT systems to track and trace samples from receipt to results.

CT currently manages a growing team of research scientists and laboratory technicians who together develop new technologies and assays, which include the characterisation of bulk invertebrate traps, macroinvertebrates, invasive mussels, and crayfish.

One of his main duties is to maintain the high standard of services at NatureMetrics. CT plays an important role in communicating with clients, specifically instances requiring more technical input. Alongside the data team, CT currently plays an important role in client reporting.

Academic background

DEFRA-funded postdoctoral research fellowship focused on developing protocols for DNA-based assessment of UK pollinator diversity (Taxonomic research fellowship, Natural History Museum, London: “Taxonomic fellowship to support the National Pollinator Strategy”); Research associate, Imperial College London: “Phylogenetically Informed Correlates of Monocotyledonous Plant Diversity”. PhD, Imperial College London: “The Consequences of Life without Sex: An Examination into Taxonomy and Evolution of the Anciently Asexual Bdelloid Rotifers”. MSci, Imperial College London: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation.

Significant Collaborations

CT has extensive experience in high throughput DNA barcoding, metabarcoding and mitochondrial metagenomics.


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