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Andy is a molecular biologist with over 12 years of experience working in a research environment. He has a PhD in molecular systematics and joined NatureMetrics in 2021 from the Natural History Museum, London, where he was the research and development lead within the molecular biology laboratories. Andy is part of the Research & Development group within the Science team, exploring novel technologies and the application of existing methodologies to address new challenges for the study of eDNA and metabarcoding.


Andy held a post-doctoral position at Natural History Museum, London in Molecular Parasitology. He has a PhD in Molecular Systematics from Bangor University, an MSc in Biomedical and Forensic Studies in Egyptology from the University of Manchester, and a BSc in Zoology from the University of Liverpool.

Significant collaborations

During his PhD Andy focused on the development of high throughput methods in mitochondrial genomics for studying the systematics of a diverse group of arthropods. His post-doctoral research continued to build on his mitogenomic expertise, with a strong focus on understanding the relationships and distributions of metazoan parasites and their associated vectors. More recently his research has been concentrated on developing methods in metabarcoding and the study of eDNA for characterising terrestrial invertebrate communities, monitoring of disease agents, and the detection of non-native invasive species (NNIs).


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