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Adrian Victor Matei - Nature Metrics

Adrian is responsible for helping to expand the product from species identification to the prediction of health, suitability and conservation status of various ecosystems using ecological and machine learning based modelling. He is also closely collaborating with the Business Development team, and he will contribute at facilitating the client’s interaction with our products in terms of accessing and visualising information.


PhD in Physical Oceanography from University College London, with focus on air-sea gas exchange mediated by sea state, breaking waves and bubble entrainment. MSc in Physics and Atmospheric Physics, with focus on weather numerical modelling during my dissertation project at Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1 University.

Future Collaborations

Adrian aims to combine his Academic research experience with commercially-orientated data science experience to bring new insights on the data analysis side, and in the engineering and modelling of the eDNA signal that will help inform business decisions of clients. He is currently involved in HS2 accelerator program where he will be part of the team that will work towards creating and managing a NatureMetrics database fed with data via the NatureMetrics app, creating a customer portal that will enable clients to interactively connect with our products, and developing AI-based products that will inform our clients about the impact of their activity on the status and health of ecosystems. Adrian is also part of MozamSeq project where he will contribute at building models to predict the ecosystem health in mangroves, coral and seagrass using eDNA, environmental and oceanographic big data.


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