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Benjamin Barca - Nature Metrics

Benji works to introduce DNA-based methods to clients and represents NatureMetrics in West and Central Africa, Europe and beyond, establishing key partnerships and strong networks with public and private sector and NGO stakeholders. Benji is actively involved in developing opportunities in these regions, including running workshops for stakeholders and providing training on how DNA-based tools can be integrated into biodiversity monitoring strategies.


MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Ecology and Conservation from the University of St Andrews.

Significant Collaborations

Benji brings to NatureMetrics vast experience as a Conservation Scientist and Practitioner with experience running tropical field bio-monitoring programs, grant and project management roles, REDD+ and HCV assessments. Benji worked for the RSPB in Sierra Leone and Liberia as a Research and Monitoring Technical Advisor. Before that he helped set up an ecotourism project in Cambodia whilst working with the Wildlife Conservation Society, set up a long-term jaguar monitoring program in Costa Rica and worked on invasive species management in the Caribbean with the Durrell Conservation Trust.


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