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Find out about the NatureMetrics team, our industry-leading facilities, the people we collaborate with, and what life is like Inside NatureMetrics.

Established in 2014, NatureMetrics was formed by three molecular ecologists who were pioneering the use of DNA-based monitoring in pursuit of better biodiversity data.  We invited scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians from across the globe to join our mission in solving huge biodiversity problems by providing powerful datasets.

Our dedicated team has grown to include international operations and business development, and we are now seeing the global impact of our work.

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Forensic scientists have used DNA to identify individuals at crime scenes for years – now we can use our technology to identify the whole range of species, from bacteria to birds, present in the environment using small samples of soil or water taken by non-experts in the field and processed in our laboratories. Our technology can identify tiny fragments of DNA left behind by species and pinpoint exactly which species it is from.

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The NatureMetrics Team

You can access world-leading expertise in biodiversity science and DNA-based monitoring.

Our team is highly-skilled and passionate about our work. No matter your challenges, NatureMetrics are here to help.

Many of our staff hold PhDs in topics directly related to DNA-based biodiversity methods, from sampling and methods development to population genetics, ecological statistics and bioinformatics. We are Championing Women in STEM, and you’ll find our team as diverse as our skill-sets.

As a science-based company, our team stands at the front of emerging DNA-based technologies and are highly active in Research and Development projects to ensure the continuous enhancement of our shared understanding of biodiversity.

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Our Company

NatureMetrics are setting gold standards for delivering DNA-based biodiversity monitoring services.

Founded and nurtured by scientists, over six short years NatureMetrics has grown to support global demand, realising the highest-quality of eDNA and DNA solutions that can be delivered at immense scales and adapted to suit diverse project requirements.

You can discover more about our history, the endorsements we’ve received and the milestones we’ve reached, as well as exploring our purpose-built facilities and seeing the values that shape our culture and drives our vision.

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You can partner with an award-winning technology start-up that pushes the boundaries of science. 

We’ve been collaborating with industry, academia, NGO’s and multi-stakeholder platforms since our inception in 2014, including projects in citizen science, such as the 1000 Rivers project, to our commercial partnership with AquaBiota Water Research to perform over forty projects in Swedish Freshwater ecosystems and beyond.

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Careers at NatureMetrics

A career at NatureMetrics is like no other. 

You can be a part of our mission to bring the power of genetics to frontline environmental management, arming today’s businesses with the tools to make tomorrow’s world a better place for people and nature.

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As global pioneers in our field, we’re constantly accelerating the scope and impact of our technologies and services.