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Invertebrate Surveys at Winwick Wind Farm

By |4th June 2020|

Wild Frontier Ecology (WFE) wanted to conduct invertebrate surveys at a new wind farm in Northamptonshire to inform the Habitat Improvement Plan for the site. NatureMetrics conducted DNA metabarcoding analyses to identify the diverse species present in samples collected by WFE. Examine our findings, and the impact that big data has had on guiding habitat restorations at the wind farm.

Wicken Fen BioBlitz

By |21st September 2018|

We collaborated with Chris Packham’s BioBlitz at Wicken Fen Nature Reserve to educate volunteers on how to capture the genetic material of fish and identify species present from water samples taken across several areas of interest. Gain insight into the detailed results the volunteers uncovered and the NatureMetrics’ technologies utilised to generate that data.

Crayfish R&D

By |17th November 2017|

At NatureMetrics, one of our projects under R&D is testing and developing assays for the detection of both crayfish and crayfish plague. Here you can see our first attempts to identify these from tissue, swab and eDNA samples.

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