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eDNA in the River Thames

By |18th August 2021|

Fish communities obtained from monthly eDNA samples on the River Thames were compared with Environment Agency electrofishing records in the nearby area. eDNA detected more species per unit effort and provided consistent data on a number of important species that are routinely under-sampled in electrofishing.

eDNA in the Peruvian Amazon

By |18th August 2021|

Conservación Amazónica (ACCA), a Peruvian non-profit organisation used NatureMetrics aquatic eDNA service to conduct a vertebrate survey at the Los Amigos Research Station in the Peruvian Amazon. This study highlights the power of eDNA to generate powerful data for conservation managers in remote megadiverse regions.

Aquatic eDNA macroinvertebrate monitoring of chalk streams

By |5th August 2021|

River Action Project Chairman Charles Watson conducted eDNA surveys of aquatic macroinvertebrates in three Hampshire chalk streams as part of the Upper Itchen Initiative. Despite having no previous ecological training, Charles was able to collect the eDNA samples and send them to the NatureMetrics laboratories for analysis quickly and safely. The project delivered data across 3 different sites and highlighted significant differences in macroinvertebrate diversity at sites with different suspected levels of pollution.

RSPB Common Scoter & Trout project

By |5th August 2021|

RSBP Scotland collaborated with NatureMetrics to conduct a pilot eDNA study in five lochs. They aimed to better understand the ecology of Scottish lochs and their suitability as habitat for the Common Scoter, a rare duck species. Data highlighted ecological differences that influence the suitability of the lochs as habitat for the Common Scoter.

MozamSeq Case Study

By |6th July 2021|

The MozamSeq project aims to facilitate the large-scale application of eDNA monitoring in Mozambique to support conservation, fisheries monitoring, and ecological impact assessment. Our findings highlighted the importance of investing in the creation of DNA reference libraries to support the accurate naming of species detected by eDNA.

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