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Building back better: COVID, Nature and Sustainable Innovation

By |12th February 2021|

The year 2020 had been dubbed the super year for nature - critical global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals, biodiversity and the UN climate COP all hotly anticipated. But 2020 was instead famous only for COVID-19. From adversity, the green shoots of change are emerging in ways we could never have imagined at the turn of the decade.

New tools for monitoring biodiversity

By |30th December 2020|

The British Indian Ocean Territory Marine Protected Area is famous for its size, yet at this scale the monitoring responsibilities present major logistical and financial challenges. At NatureMetrics, we are helping CCT to establish new DNA-based biodiversity monitoring tools to increase the power of the data obtained and increase the pace at which it’s collected.

DNA Metabarcoding of Invertebrates to Evaluate Outcomes of Ecological Restoration

By |21st December 2018|

DNA metabarcoding enables the identification of invertebrate communities at unprecedented scales, effectively overcoming the bottleneck of morphological identification. This unlocks the data potential of highly diverse and responsive groups such as arthropods, which can act as super-indicators of ecological status, facilitating adaptive management during the course of habitat restoration activities in virtually any ecosystem.

About the Author: NatureMetrics

NatureMetrics are the leading providers of DNA-based biodiversity monitoring, with a team of scientists that are pushing the boundaries in this sector and an operations team delivering high quality services on a global scale. NatureMetrics are a trusted voice on DNA metabarcoding, having developed and published scientific articles and worked to set standards for eDNA monitoring in Europe.

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