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Dr Kat Bruce

DNA Metabarcoding of Invertebrates to Evaluate Outcomes of Ecological Restoration

By |21st December 2018|

DNA metabarcoding enables the identification of invertebrate communities at unprecedented scales, effectively overcoming the bottleneck of morphological identification. This unlocks the data potential of highly diverse and responsive groups such as arthropods, which can act as super-indicators of ecological status, facilitating adaptive management during the course of habitat restoration activities in virtually any ecosystem.

About the Author: Kat Bruce

Kat is the Founding director of NatureMetrics. After completing her PhD in 2014, Kat set up NatureMetrics to bridge the gap between the powerful molecular tools being developed in the research world and the environmental managers who could benefit from their use. Her particular interest lies in how to bring together the worlds of research, industry and policy to drive forward advances in our capacity to monitor the natural world. Through her work in the EU COST Action project DNAqua-net, she actively works to help establish best practice for the use of DNA monitoring tools for aquatic biomonitoring in Europe and beyond.

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