Aquatic eDNA sampling with NatureMetrics

Thank you for choosing NatureMetrics for your aquatic eDNA sampling.

Download the protocol here

Thank you for choosing NatureMetrics for your eDNA sampling.

On this page you will find our step-by-step aquatic eDNA sampling protocol for use in the field, and there are more recommendations in our sampling video below.

You should read the instructions before you go sampling to ensure you have everything you need.

When sampling eDNA from aquatic environments, always remember to carry out your own risk assessment beforehand and always be safe by the water.

If you would like to visit this page whilst in the field, simply scan the QR code on your kit.

Download the protocol here

Using pump-powered filtration?

Download our pump-powered filtration protocol

See it for yourself

Environmental DNA, or eDNA, can be captured from waterbodies and used to detect biodiversity with the NatureMetrics aquatic eDNA sampling kits. Here, our CEO Katie Critchlow shows you how simple it is to take an eDNA sample from water.

Katie shows you how to collect a water sample, filter the water using the filtering kit provided, and preserve it with our preservative solution. After watching this video, you’ll have seen how easy the aquatic eDNA sampling process is, and you will be ready to collect your own eDNA samples using our easy-to-use kits and protocol.

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If you would like to learn more about eDNA-based monitoring, why not visit our InfoHub where we have a range of materials from scientific publications to case studies and a glossary of keywords.

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