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Please provide the following details where possible so that we can select the set of methods that best fits your needs and give you an accurate quotation:

  • Type of samples - e.g. bulk invertebrates, soil, water, faeces
  • Target taxa - e.g. total diversity or a particular group/species 
  • Is there are particular set of species for which you need especially high confidence detections? If so how many? Can you provide reference specimens?
  • Do you need relative abundance information or will presence-absence suffice? Note that the former is significantly more expensive and requires local reference databases
  • Any time or budget constraints

We will be very clear if you ask for something that is not (yet) achievable or that requires additional preliminary research. This is often the case when working on individual species for which specific genetic markers need to be developed and tested. We can carry out pilot projects and development work, but be aware that this carries associated costs, which can be significant.