NatureMetrics is leading the genetic revolution in biodiversity monitoring, applying cutting-edge molecular methods to the challenges of tracking nature at large spatial and temporal scales, in remote or difficult ecosystems, or when target species are rare, inconspicuous, or poorly known.

Drawing on the decades of experience of our founding team, who include senior academics from two leading UK universities, we can design and carry out protocols for a wide variety of applications.

These fall broadly into two categories:

Environmental DNA for tracking aquatic species or communities

  • Detecting the presence of endangered species, such as the Great Crested Newt
  • Early detecting of invasive species or pests while at low population densities
  • Monitoring aquatic communities for environmental impact assessment

Bulk sequencing (metabarcoding) of invertebrate or plant communities for large-scale ecosystem monitoring

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Detection and monitoring of trends
  • Detection of individual species of cultural, economic or ecological significance
  • Demonstration of ecological equivalency
  • Evaluation of success in conservation and environmental management
  • Adaptive management to ensure efficient use of resources for conservation

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Nature Metrics | DNA Based Monitoring in Kent

Nature Metrics | DNA Based Monitoring in Kent